Martial Arts in Bishopstone – Cheuk Lai

krav maga bristol instructor

Your Krav Maga Instructor

Cheuk Lai

Class/Location – Bishopston

Service offered – Classes, Seminars – Personal Training

Training Nights – Tuesday

Training Qualifications –

Taekwon do Black Belt

Karate – Black Belt

BKMA Certifications – Associate Trainer/Graduate Instructor

Specialist Qualifications

Graduate Krav Maga Instructor Level 1

Contact number 07540621627


Instructor Bio



I began my martial arts training in 1985 with the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO). Later I began studying the Korean Martial art of Tae kwon Do with the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) where I was awarded black belts in both Karate Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.


I am experienced in semi-contact and full contact fighting, and have competed in tournaments in the United Kingdom. I have also trained in other empty hand systems such as Western boxing and Shaolin Wushu.


I trained with Paul Grey at Krav Maga Bristol as a long term student. I was recruited as a potential candidate for the BKMA Instructor Development programme and passed my final stage training in December 2012.

Training Philosophy


“To … not prepare is the greatest of crimes; to be prepared beforehand for any contingency is the greatest of virtues.”

Sun Tzu’s Art of War


Krav Maga is poles apart from other systems and it has been made effective by taking efficient techniques from all martial arts and self-defenece systems which have been pressure tested in combat situations. It is easy to learn and is taught in a manner that students of any size, varying ability and fitness can become proficient in a short period of time. Krav Maga uses natural movements that become instinctive to the student and as such is something that people have come to rely on time and time again.

‘Cheuk Lai is an outstanding and well rounded martial artist. I have been involved in the Martial Arts industry for 40+ years now and Cheuk is one of the best I have ever seen. If you get the opportunity to train with him, just do it’

Paul Grey – Training Director. British Krav Maga Association