Bristol Martial Arts Clubs

 Bristol Martial Arts Clubs offer classes, courses and professional coaching across Bristol.

Bristol Martial Arts Clubs: Real Martial Arts. Real Fitness. Real Self Defence.

Looking for professional martial arts coach in Bristol ? BristolKrav Maga xxxxx is the Official British Krav Maga Association School for the XXX area. Krav Maga xxxx is run by local Krav Maga Instructor xxxxx.

What is Krav Maga?

Evolved from combat, this reality-based fighting system is in active use by over 500 law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. It is the choice of professional soldiers, close protection specialists and civilians alike. Krav Maga is logical, instinctive and fast to learn. Krav Maga can deliver functional skills in months instead of years, and remains the most battle-tested self defence system in use today. Simply put, a Krav Maga practitioner is a hard target, conditioned mentally and physically to protect themselves and those that they lov

Krav Maga training in xxxxx

British Krav Maga Association – Performance Enhanced Combat

  • Learn genuine Israeli Krav Maga
  • Improve your Confidence and Fitness
  • Learn battle-tested Self Defence Skills
  • Train with a Qualified, Professional Instructor
  • Reality-Centered, Research-Driven Syllabus
  • Join a National Community of KM Practitioners
  • Regular Classes, Seminars and Private Training
  • Nationally Recognised Gradings and Awards

Accept no substitute – Always