Martial Arts classes in Clifton – Paul Grey


Your Instructor

Class Location- Clifton College, Clifton

Services Offered – Instructor Training, CQB for Close Protection, CQB for Law Enforcement, Regular Classes, Seminars, Specialist training

Training Nights – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

Training Qualifications

Dan Grades

Karate/kickboxing/Brithai (over 30+ year period)

Instructor certifications

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Senior Instructor, Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor/ Control & Restraint Instructor/ Staff Break away Instructor/ Kapap Instructor/ FAST Defence  (Bulletman)/ Jim Wagner Reality Based Instructor/ Advanced Fitness/Circuits Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ MMA Conditioning Coach/ CrossFit Affiliate (trainer)

Krav Maga Certifications

IKMF Certified Instructor (Eyal Yanilov)

KMW certified Instructor

Law Enforcement Instructor

Lead Instructor – BKMA

Paul is an Israeli trained Krav Maga Instructor. He has trained in Israel, the USA and Europe with the major, credible organisations. Paul has trained more professional Krav Maga Instructors than any other trainer in Europe.



My martial arts career began in 1971. Since this time I have trained consistently in a diverse range of fighting arts.  I have worked within a range of custodial and forensic environments with high levels of violence and aggression and taught others to work with and manage violence.

Decades of practical experience informed both my teaching and practice. The most important aspect of training remains the practitioner not the system.

Training Philosophy

As an instructor and mentor, my job is to challenge, and support students to be the very best they can be.

My job is to coach and develop people of all abilities, not just the most able.

Training here is tough, but its also forgiving, give everything you have in training and success will follow. Real growth is always found outside of your comfort zone. Real coaching is the ability to take students there successfully, building tougher, stronger people in the process.

Contact Paul on 078 1234 6025