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Will Bayley – BKMA Licensed Professional Instructor
Class/Location – Patchway Community Centre, North Bristol
Service offered – Classes, Seminars and Personal Training
Training Nights – Monday PM – Thursday PM
BKMA Certifications:
– Graduate Instructor
– Adrenalised Training Coach
– SIA Licensed Close Protection Officer

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Tel: 07866417618
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Instructor Bio

At Krav Maga North Bristol, you’ll learn authentic Krav Maga with Will Bayley, a martial artist with over a decade of teaching experience. A qualified bodyguard and adrenalised training coach, Will understands what it takes to keep your head and defend yourself on the street, but balances this understanding with a welcoming, inclusive teaching style where everyone can find a place to learn and challenge old fears or limitations. Will has experience coaching people of all abilities and has an outstanding reputation as an instructor totally committed to the development of his students.
Training Philosophy

At Krav Maga North Bristol, we’re focused on reality-based training. This means hard sessions, sweat and exertion, effort and grit. But it doesn’t mean only the fit or the very experienced can train. We welcome beginners of all ages and abilities. It’s professional instruction all the way – you won’t get hurt or pushed past your limits. Bring effort, however, and you will get fighting fit, with rapid gains in conditioning, shape and ability. Krav Maga classes aren’t like other martial arts lessons. No belts or hierarchies. When the training gets tough, there’s no room for attitude and ego. Just encouragement and teamwork, people urging you on to achieve your best and challenge your limits.


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